Crafting Empty Bee Skep freeze the game

Hi everyone! I’ve run whit this issue today, when I tried to queue the Herbalist to build the bee Skep the game freezes. The options keep working, I can open others workshops y place items, but the game just won’t run

Hmmmmm that’s a weird issue

Do you have any other mods in use?

Thnks for answering so fast! Beside ACE:

Fisher Job + Archipelago Biome
Smart Crafter
Workshop Inventory Display
Extra Map Options

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Ahh, there you go

Smart Crafter is incompatible with ACE. ACE has its own (and more robust) “smart crafter” system, you don’t need it if you’re using ACE (and that’s probably what’s causing issues) :merry:

Also, you don’t really need “Workshop Inventory Display” either – this one won’t cause any issues I think, but ACE already has a similar function as well. On the top left of the “recipe” paper you can see a number between parenthesis (like (3) for example); that is the amount you already have of that item.


YES!! That was it!!

Thnks again!