Engine Error "release - 949"

Im not sure what mod is creating this bug but it has something to do with my crafting queue. I begin by asking my mason to create a cooking spoon… simple as that, and I get an error. After x’ing out of the error I am no longer able to craft anything from the mason. The other workbenches work fine. It only happens to my mason bench, ive tried creating other tools or items and the same happens.

I believe my version is 4.6.0 Build 26…
And I have quite a few mods installed…
Extra Map Options, Swamp Biome + Firefly clan, Bigger Backpacks, Smart Crafter (possible mod involved?) Box Command tool, Nordling Mod, The Coast + Serene league, Norsehearth, “My hair Colors”, Fisher Job + Archipelago, Elves or Veloren, Beam, Beast Pets, Settlement Decor, Glowy windows, Locks of hair, Crafter training manuals, Special Loadouts, Dense Fields, LostEms, Outfitz, Even more starting hearthlings, Better Storage, (multiple Biome mods),(multible template mods)… so many mods.

Let me know if there is anymore info you’d need.
Thank You very much for your time!!
Sorry the image is so small…

Smart crafter does not work with ace
Dense fields probably is not compatible either

The Engine Error is coming from the Smart Crafter mod. You should not use Elves of Veloren mod if you are playing as Northern Alliance, because it stops their Town Progression from starting - but, this can be fixed with the Mod Repairer. Still it has other bugs, so its best to remove those 2 mods and start over.

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True, but you can tell from the UI (e.g., the appeal button instead of the heatmaps button of ACE, the unit frame format, the lack of season on the clock) that they don’t have ACE enabled. Regardless, the bug is clearly happening from Smart Crafter, but the reason it’s happening is probably some other mod adding an improperly formatted recipe.

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First off, I’m playing as the Elves. I’ll remove Smart Crafter and try again but i would prefer if i could keep that mod as its one of my favs. I dont have ACE enabled because my game wont even start up. I wait for like 5 min before quitting, and that is with only ACE mod alone. I could wait longer, but it seems ridiculous for a game to take more than 5 min to start up. I’ll try to test each mod with Smart Crafter to see which is causing the bug, but I had hoped to avoid that (takes so much time).

Thank you all for responding. You gave me an idea of what to try next.

I dont have ACE enabled because my game wont even start up. I wait for like 5 min before quitting, and that is with only ACE mod alone.

Does the game not start, or does the UI not fully load? If you want to play with ACE and starting the game results in only a black screen with a mouse cursor, wait until you can hear the music playing and press F5 to refresh the UI (and then wait for a few seconds). Because ACE adds so much content, UI changes, and functionality (almost certainly more than all your other mods combined), it certainly can take a long time to load, but often there’s just some sort of desync between the game and the UI that’s fixed by refreshing once the game itself is loaded (which you can tell by the music playing).

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OMG you saved me… I had no idea about the F5 thing… thank you so much!!! I decided to just play with a set of mods that Banto uses in his 2020 series for a while. I might try the F5 on my previous mod loadout later. But for now, THANK YOU!!! :sparkling_heart: