Crafting Dialog causes game to hang for 10 seconds intermittently


I have been playing A21 for a while now and something strange and very irritating starting happening recently.

Whenever I open the crafters window (caprenter, mason, etc.) the game hangs for 10 seconds then response for ± 3 seconds then hands for 10 seconds - this continues until i close the workshop / carpenter dialog window - then the game runs smoothly again?

Any ideas

Any mods that could slow down the crafting screen?

Hi, thanks for the reply
That is what I thought so i actually delete my stonehearth folder completely from the steamapps common folder and had it re-download yesterday evening. but even starting a new game now does the exact same thing.

I was using a mod previously so that is why i cleared the steam apps common folder and re-downloaded - could there be residual files anywhere else on my pc? i did also delete the Temp folder under my user profile which resides under local app data.

You should probably make a bug report for this.
I don’t realy know who to call… @jomaxro ? (who should I call for these kind of things :innocent:)

ag bugger :slight_smile:
wish there was a quick fix for this

I managed to fix the problem with the lagging when working with crafting dialogs…

I actually had to clean steam’s cache …

simply uninstalling stonehearth and clearing the windows temp folder etc. did not work, but by cleaning the steam cache it resolved my issue.

Hi, mmm the problem started again. when i loaded up stonehearth later again and loaded my new game it got stucky again on the carpenter craft dialog… making it difficult to click craft since the game would hang for ±15 seconds then be responsive a gain for ± 1 seconds before hanging again making it difficult to quickly try and close the dialog.

strange - when i do manage to close the crafting dialog the game runs smoothly?

also when invaders approach when i click on the popup that usually quickly moves the camera to the incoming invaders the game will hang for ± 15 seconds and then only focus on invaders and run smoothly again?

It looks like you are having problems with the interface, while the background game is ok. Just for a quick test, try disabling your firewall and antivirus. Because the game interface is just a webpage overlay, and those softwares can mess with it.

Else, I recommend editing you first post to include your system information, game information, and change the category of the topic to bug reports.

@Relyss can help you better in this case.


I recently upgraded to an Asus Zenbook and the problem is no longer persisting.
Must have been my previous 5 year old hardware.


P.S I will be installing some mods and will post another topic if the problem returns! let’s hope it does not.