Crafter cannot find path to workshop

After crafting a stone bench i wanted to craft a bird bath but my mason turn idle and now he just sleeping and eating but doesn’t want to craft.


Mason went idle but he got a crafting queue.

Step to reproduce:

  1. normal game mode.
  2. just play
  3. Crafting a stone bench
  4. Crafting a bird Bench

Expected Results:

Mason crafting normaly the bird bench or another item


Tryed to reload from a previous savegame older by 1 minutes 5 times but it didn’t change anything.

Versions and mods:

No mods
Devellop 2617

System information:

Windows 7 64 bit
Processor intel I5 2500
8ghz DDR3
Geforce GTX 580


Screen of the game (you can see the mason Idle in the middle of the screen)

stupid question, but, you do have the required materials to make the stuff, right?

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Yes ! I’ve got all the materials needed :confused:

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Wait a seconds, that’s uncredible :o

I let the game while i was replying and then the night turn and a skeletton attacked me ! he get in my village and get close to my mason who runned back from him, then my soldier killed the skeletton and now he just get back to work oO

I’m confused :confused:

He his crafting normaly !
Sorry that i bothered you !

Still it’s the first time i get this in game :smiley:

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hmm… its most likely something got reset when he was attacked…

Yeah it really look like that… but lemme tell you that he crafted the bird bath that was in queue (not on the screen but i queued up the bird bath just after i screened) and then… he his idle one more time, not doing the job !

I’m affraid i got a lazy worker haha :smiley:

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hmm… perhaps try turning on crafter logging,

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Ok i’m going to do it !
I’m just gonna launch a new game and if it happens again, i’ll post the user setting files :smile:
Thanks for the reply 8bitcrab :smile:


Aha, there are 2 stuck crafter bugs. I only fixed the one where nothing new gets queued. This one is about stuck pathfinders. He knows he needs to craft, but cannot find a path to his workshop.


Hi sdee !
Thanks for your reply :blush:

I tryed to put the mason benshwork in a lot of different place but it doesn’t affect this guy :stuck_out_tongue:
I really appreciate your reply everyone ! I’m just gonna wait for another stucked crafter :stuck_out_tongue: