Cost of Wheat and Bread the same?

So, playing some of the game today, I noticed that it seems that raw wheat and Peasant Bread are both worth 2g (can others confirm?). Considering the effort used in making the recipe (9 wheat = 3 flour = 1 bread), I feel that bread should be worth a little more (perhaps 7-8g? It is a basic recipe, and it was also just recently added so it might change soon anyway). Thoughts?


That seems… ridiculous. I think this should be fixed in the next patch!

you cant exactly just demand something be fixed in the next patch :wink:

but i’ll page @Albert for you, see what he thinks.

It all really depends on supply and demand. It’s possible that industrial demand for wheat syrup is incredibly high and that peasant bread tastes like like mammoth liver and is only used as a catalyst in witches’ brew. Paging @sdee to examine the economics behind wheat sales.


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For now, take this. :heart:

A quick check through the game’s files seems to show that they’re both at 3 gold, whereas flour is worth 8 gold. And so we have

9 wheat → 3 flour → 1 bread
*3 gold → *8 gold → *3 gold
27 gold → 24 gold → 3 gold

And while supply and demand could justify a little fluctuation, processing shouldn’t lower the value of an item exponentially. If anything, I’d expect processing to raise the value. That largely doesn’t apply in this case, maybe, because it’s bread without much flavor quickly thrown together, so it’s not really worth any more than its raw materials. But again, with that much value decay - why even bother to make bread?

So I’d say fixing is in order, even though the economics of wheat are interesting to think about.

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Sorry you all are encountering this!
A bit of background:
I feel like this is due to a copy paste error that the bread is so cheap. It happens during game development where one moves really fast to get objects into the game and some of the numbers might be a bit off. Usually someone goes back in later and makes sure all the numbers are balanced – but since this is an early alpha game, it’s possible we left some numbers behind. Fear not! Numbers are easy (and quite safe) to change. We would love suggestions for what value the bread should be. :smile:

P.S. We will make a separate numbers balancing pass once more features are in the game, so even if things aren’t “perfect” right now, rest assured that they will get looked at again!