Some cook recipes in Raya Kingdom can't be done

Summary: There is a few recipes for the Raya cooker that needs flour, and the flour needs wheat. All good except that merchants / traders don’t sell it (we can’t farm either, but that’s part of that kingdom gameplay). I can’t remember all recipes, but for sure bread and pie needs it.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start a Raya Kingdom
  2. Promote a cooker
  3. Fail to make flour and any product that needs it for the lack of wheat.

Expected Results: Traders / merchants selling wheat or flour to us.

Actual Results: We can’t get wheat or flour in any way using Raya kingdoms.

Version Number and Mods in use: 0.13 release 469, no mods

I’ve run into this problem as well. :frowning:
This reminds me of a friend of mine’s RPG where he implemented a spell that cured the hero of Silence. I’m sure you can guess how useful it was.

Are you 100% sure the ingredient is telling “wheat” and not “corn meal” or something like that?
I remember that the sack of flour was replaced by other food for Rayya’s children, although the icon looks the same.

I’m sure. What you said makes sense btw, some recipes are different when playing with Rayya’s, but there is still the need for wheat in some.

Hey there @BrunoSupremo, based on the current code in rayyas_children.smod, the cook recipes are simply “mixintos” for the default cook recipes, so all recipes available to The Ascendency are still available to Rayya’s Children, including recipes that involve flour. The only exception is sheep_feed which uses the same name and thus overwrite the original recipe from The Ascendency.

TBH, I don’t understand why Wheat isn’t allowed to be grown in the desert.
Historically wheat was first cultivated in Sumer, Babylonian, Hattushah, Assyria, Egypt.
All Desert/Mountain civilizations.
Since Rayya’s Children seems to be based heavily on Middle Eastern civs, it seems to make sense they would have access to it.


I think the gameplay would be better without it, so we have less and a harder time with food becoming more dependent on traders.

As long as it is not super off, realism is not a problem in games.

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There is a trick Radiant can do to “over ride” certain recipes in the Rayya’s Childeren recipe list by giving a new recipe the same name as the one they want to replace.

Just need to change a few things around and hopefully it’ll be fixed!

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I got a cook going in RC but noticed that some of the cooks food I cant make because the items don’t seem to be obtainable because you cant get wheat

If you put a crop zone down wheat is an option.

not with Rayya’s Children though :wink:

they are limited to carrots, golden gourds, cactus flowers and… something else which i’ve forgotten atm.

@ChaoticQ I checked there are only 4 crops with RC but as 8bit said wheat is not an option :confused:

Ah if they are limited to what they can grow in the desert it may have been designed that way but if that is the case they should really have their own cook crafting orders.

it might have been something that was just overlooked?

paging @yshan
any input about this?

On no, this is an old problem, I thought it was fixed already. I didn’t played with Raya in a14 yet…

I think we should be able to buy wheat.

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Took a quick peak :slight_smile: The food shop and caravan do correctly include wheat/flour in their set, however if you look at the individual wheat_bale and flour json, you can see buyable is set to false. I don’t think it’s intentional as one of the caravan (iskender) does specifically list flour as an item.


This reminds me of the newest courage potion… That needs hide from a critter that never spawns in the desert. At least not that I am aware of. And at least in the 2820 version no trader even sells that. I would expect the trapper trader to maybe, but they didn’t.

Haven’t gotten that type of trader yet in the versions after that. So it is more than that recipe from the cook. Haven’t messed with the cook yet on RC. At least they have the corn for the cornbread. Which is the other crop @8BitCrab was missing in the offhand list. :slight_smile:


Hi there
I am marking wheat and eggs to be buyable. I’m also adding a RC specific food cart (the previous food carts weren’t hooked up) that will sell wheat and animal feed.



that will be a help for RC

what about the crock skin? vershin… I forget the name of that critter… Since it is not obtainable in the desert, as they don’t spawn there, or have you already done that? As it makes difficult to make the courage potion when you can’t get the ingredient for it.