Cooks refusing to eat, and god mode?

Summary: So my cook got frozen in place, wouldn’t eat, got to low health causing the low health notification and then became a god and refused to die even when getting attacked by a goblin.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Unknown, as far as I can tell, the only two times that it has happened it has happened to cooks.

Expected Results: The cooks wont eat, or produce food, and become invulnerable.

Actual Results: Same as expected for both cases I found.

Notes: This did not happen 100%, many worlds I had good cooks in.

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Version Number and Mods in use: ALPHA 0.17.0 (release 610)

System Information:

hey @Bbomber2012, welcome to the discourse

do you have a save file where this is occurring that you can upload?

perhaps it is related to this

I had this happen once to me as well. A regular worker just stopped walking or doing anything at all, just stood in the middle of my sleeping area and starved herself to near-death, then just stopped taking damage. Unfortunately, I’m still fairly new to the game, and didn’t realize hearthlings were supposed to die from hunger (either not fully implemented, or Minecraft-style, where it nearly kills you but won’t finish the job alone) and deleted the save and started over to “fix” the stuck hearthling.

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If you reloaded that save, did it fix the problem? Did the cook die automatically after reloading?

A save where the hearthling is still this stuck after reloading it would be of great help. :slight_smile: