[Con] [R118] [STEAM Client]Path finding

Summary: During the evening when villagers head off to sleep I have experienced a few that appear to get stuck on corners of building and/or farm patches where they begin to do the jitter bug.

Steps to reproduce:
1) Bit of a tough one. Villagers will sometimes get ‘stuck’ on a corner and dance there until they fall asleep at the current position then wake up and continue as normal.

Expected Results: Villager would walk around the obstacle.

Actual Results: Villager, seen this on footman and workers so far, would get hung up on a corner of a placement like farm land or house.



Have this issue as well, but only for finding beds as the unit that experience pathfinding issue have no trouble finding chairs.

I can also confirm this. Villagers will get stuck uh… “dancing” with the corners of buildings during the building process.

I had a weaver get stuck on the fireplace, running in place trying to get some crafting supplies.

Also had a farmer get stuck near a building trying to harvest some silkweed.

For the last two, both corrected themselves after a good nights sleep.

villagers getting stuck on corner of bed trying to sleep. footman getting stuck in corner of field on a plant? spinning in circles. they get stuck on the hearth buildings floor pretty much anything character created.

I have witnessed them getting stuck in a workbench, randomly, then in a bed when placing it. I had a villager come and move the bed, allowing the stuck villager to move; however, when the villager moved the bed, he then, in turn, proceeded to be stuck in the same bed. I was then unable to help him as, when I tried to move the bed again, the game expected the same villager to move it, but he couldn’t because he was stuck. :laughing:

Edit: I’m using Build [1665]