[Con]promoted works like a worker

my promoted citizens will start chopping down wood just like a worker and would pick berries 2

Steps to reproduce:no clue

Expected Results: carpenter would just move logs and soldier would portal the area

Actual Results: carpenter and soldier works like a worker

Attachments: 8:34 for carpenter and 16:10 for soldier

Versions and Mods: Alpha 4 R110 no mods

Is this not expected behaviour now? That promoted classes still help out with the general tasks?


i thought that they were supposed to just pick up logs or baskets and put them in the stockpile or help build a house if its a carpenter

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Ah okay, I’m pretty sure this is standard behaviour right now, it might not be …

Watch closly and they will on occassion drop thier tailsman making it clickable, do the job, then pick thier tailsman backup.

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I’ve seen it for carpenters and I think I did hear Tom say at some point that it was intended that way. However, I’ve never seen it with the footman. I thought (s)he was just meant to patrol, eat, and sleep.

hmm… I was under the impression that any class could help out with any task “at their level” or lower… meaning, a promoted unit could still perform tasks beneath it, if there were no tasks of its class type currently requested…

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That makes sense, but when is the footman’s patrol duty “requested”? And to put it differently, what if the footman stops patrolling for a bit and just then the goblins happen to attack? That’s why I thought for that particular class, there really is a singular focus on class activities. Which was my impression as well, based on what I’ve seen, although as always, I could just have missed the footman performing other activities (as was the case in the above video, I suppose…).

yeah, the footman should perhaps fall into a different bucket… if beds aren’t being crafted, no ones life is in danger… :wink:

as with all the units though, they function based on their set of priorities… so that patrolling guard, who decided to help elsewhere should immediately change her priority to defense, should the need arise… and simply resume patrol duty if the menial task is complete…

I wouldn’t be upset if military units were restricted to their particular class duties though…

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