[Con] Buffs are not restored correctly while loading a game

so this happened when i just tried to load my saved game :frowning:

Hey @Zoljin, are you experiencing the same issue as in this thread?

I didn’t move my camera as i loaded in though so that is weird, i was patiently waiting for it to just load and it did that to me

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@Ponder and @not_owen_wilson are looking at this right now


To be honest that’s the same as me, Zoljin. I’m not entirely sure about the title of the thread. However, the game-crashing effect probably only happened upon the moving of the view – the other effects (e.g. being all the way into the ground so you only see sky) happen as soon as you load.

Got it–we were trying to index the map of buffs by the value of the buff, and not its uri. (The buff would still be destroyed, but would sit around forever, and then get dehydrated/rehydrated on save/load, and then when its duration would be set, would be incorrect). Kinda surprised we didn’t run into this more often when testing.

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