Community Translations: Volunteers (Overview)


So, we just need to use UTF8 in game core… and have an UTF-8 capable font…


Added you to the list. Welcome…


Hey guys, if needed, I might be able to help with Polish (a lot) and Czech (a little less but still some help won’t hurt anyone)


Welcome aboard in Polish team. I sent PM with more info :slight_smile:


Welcome @elmis66 :slight_smile: .


And for the few new people since my last post I just want to remind you that there is a program available to assist in the translation process. I have used it quite a lot, and it works just fine. However, Stonehearth is not really ready to be translated yet, some in-game text is not in the translation file, and some text will be really hard to translate due to divided sentences in tags which will make things tricky to handle in different languages… :wink:

I don’t know if anyone in this thread actually tried it, I haven’t gotten that much of feedback yet. Probably (or hopefully) because of the state of the game :blush:

Make sure to check the latest video for a demo of both program and how it looks when inserting the file into the game!


Hi, most of the text in the game and does not take into en.JSON so that I can not continue to translate the game, set the in-game text into the en.JSON, thank you, and this game is awesome. bing translation


Excuse me! About UTF-8 Chinese code, traffic performance in the game can not be resolved?

Such as: game files “en.json” using “utf-8” Chinese code. Able to identify the Chinese. But carpenter_description.json useing UTF-8 Chinese code in the / jobs / carpenter. It does not recognize.


Hello, I can translate some Chinese Simplified, if necessary




I could help out with french.

I used to be a software engineering, so I know how to optimise the interface for the user experience.

Good luck. :stuck_out_tongue:


Love the translation tool!!! Some pictures of the first work…still more to do^^


I can help for French :wink: !


You tried my tool? In that case it makes me very glad :blush:

Don’t hesitate to give feedback on functions or if you find any bugs! A tricky part can be to detect when old tags are changed. The best way to detect this is to open old (the previous used for translation) and the latest english files and compare those two. I use it in this way at least :wink:


+1 for centralize the every text in the en.json

My french translation is finish in en.json , but the translation of the other files is very risky because it affects the LUA scripts

I will add here tonight


I participated in some indy game translation.
the greater part uses GitHub for centralized monitoring

must DEV post a repository of files in English and then in order to translate this fork with tracking additions, withdrawals and modifications

example Rimworld

and star Ruler 2

Y have fork this and translate

if the files are available and followed by the DEV community reflects rapid access.
Then you just have to follow a course of action on the terms used


I selected the files that have text to translate
if I forget a file or if I was being too called me

for github Stonehearth english json files.

Stonehearth french translation json files.
is my translation of json files in french is not finish, it’s a start.


Hi guys :smile:

If you’re interested in translating this game in Italian I will gladly help you…
I’ve already translated 2 game from english to italian
Demolition Inc (on steam) and Volleyball Manager 2010 ( )

thank you and keep up with this game! it’s amazing!


hey there @misterh… welcome aboard! :smile: :it:

I think we’ll merge this with @voxel_pirate’s translation thread (hope he doesn’t mind!)… :wink:


Erm… We’ll need a new spot…
Korean perhaps?
i’m a (South) Korean
thatks to my experience of living in England for four years, i’m pretty good at traslating stuff. Korean to English and English to Korean.

i don’t know how many people in this community is Korean but i think it would be nice to translate StoneHearth