Community Spotlight?

Looking at StoneHearth’s site for no reason in particular, I click on the Community Spotlight section.

What should I find to my surprise, but the most recent post being from February 2016! Funny enough, it also promises more frequent Community Spotlights. What happened? Was it tossed out? Forgotten? Or just put on the back-burner?

@Relyss probably and also @sdee.


I think due to how the different roles evolved in the team, we didn’t have any spare room to have someone in charge of that, and it naturally stopped. Something similar happened with the livestreams, we went from three times a week to just once. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep up. We still try to make the DTs regularly though.

Not sure if there are plans to rescue that section in the future. We’ll see.

I would love to see more featured content there. Like mods, world saves, and templates. I think it would encourage more community involvement into the game. Especially if it was featured like once every week, or two weeks.