Commands do not work

I can not use commands such as: kill, destroy, and other similar commands.
While attempting to use those commands, I am greeted with an error message stating:

“Error while parsing arguments: TypeError: str.match is not a function”

Help would be appreciated.

What do you have selected when trying to use the commands?

Mobs. Such as goblins, (for kill) and things like trees (for destroy).

Have you tried using destroy on a goblin?

Yes. Same error. It is like this for many commands.

What have you tried to fix it?

Re-installed the debug tools, re-installed Jelly Console, and re-installed Stonehearth.

Well, uninstall your debug because you are using an old version for sure. The updated version comes within the game now, you just need to enable it in the options menu at the mods tab.
And what is Jelly? That old api? That would for sure not work anymore.