Cleric is missing the ability to cower

stonehearth:ai_pack:panic:cower is not listed in the ai_packs of cleric_abilities.json

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open cleric_abilities.json.
  2. Scan through lines 7-12.
  3. Notice stonehearth:ai_pack:panic:cower isn’t there.

Expected Results:
stonehearth:ai_pack:panic:cower present.

Actual Results:
stonehearth:ai_pack:panic:cower not present.

Thinking it should probably be there.


Version Number and Mods in use:

System Information:
Black, with a blue power button.

I think since cleric is a combat job, they didn’t place that ai_pack just like in footmen, archer, etc.

Ok, I was thinking panic:cower should always go with panic:flee, but I understand the logic of that now. Need to go update my abilities post.

Along the same lines of this, I feel this should be pointed out: [Collective Knowledge] Class Abilities (Jobs)

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