Claiming extra game copies from Kickstarter reward

I pledged $115 in the Kickstarter campaign and have had the beta redeemed on my Steam account for quite some time (which is really awesome, by the way). However, I believe it was supposed to reward either two or three copies in total - if this is still the case, how would one go about redeeming the extras? I have a friend who I’d like to give the extra copy to, but I can’t see any way in my Kickstarter account of getting a second code.

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Look in your HumbleBundle-Account there are links for copy - which you can give your friends ^^ over this links they can get the games


Thank you @Wiese2007 - I forgot that I’d originally claimed via Humble Bundle (it was some time ago now) and you are right, there is an extra gift key that I can send to someone using the URL. Thank you very much :smile:


No problem :wink: to you and your friends: Have Fun :smiley:


welcome aboard @rastating! glad you’re all sorted… thanks @Wiese2007! :+1: