Citizens Getting Hurt

I’m suprised my little workers don’t hurt themselves doing all that construction! They never fall off the roof/scaffolding either. They must all be from the circus.

Perhaps once in a while something “happens” and their is an accident. Then that citizen needs to rest/recover. (eventually perhaps we have a nurse/medic/doctor).


I agree! I think that having invincible villagers or settlers is a bit boringand having them take damage from goblins would also be interesting

It’s a nice idea, but you have to be quite careful with such things, especially when the population growth model is so basic… don’t want your only carpenter falling off a cliff & dying after all :stuck_out_tongue: .

Maybe it would never kill them but may severly injure them? Just an idea to throw out

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Oh they take damage from goblins. Rip Kate Yiss, you will be missed my lone footman

We’re talking specifically about damage from environmental effects though - like standing in fire, falling off a building, etc :stuck_out_tongue: .

Well like i said maybe they don’t completely die, they will just get severely injured depending on the height or length of time in fire etcetera. Maybe sometimes they accidently get hurt or get a leg caught in traps?

Fire is, as DF veterans know, lots of !!fun!! when it gets into flammable stuff like grass… especially when said grass is where your sheep, who are also very flammable, are grazing…

I wouldn’t mind workplace injuries happening every once in a while, though. Just nothing too terrible.