Christmas Mod?- Petition to the SH community

Clears throat

I am hereby addressing the members of the Stonehearth [modding] community in a petition for a christmas mod. (!). I am no expert (or even amateur) at modding so I have called on the people to make me a mod!
So far… all I have is this hat…

So. I call on the people of the discourse to make a Christmas mod, in time for Christmas. For the community!. We will make a Santa Class (get it- Santa Class; Santa Claus :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:). We will give all the workers little xmas hats.
And we will have Christmas!!

:clap:applause :clap:


I was thinking of this maybe it could be another DEV mod. Also i think the Modding community should also combine other christmas culture because it isn’t all American and previous English empire celebration.

We’re too slammed with A7 (and A7’s bugs!) to make a christmas-themed mod this holiday, so I fully endorse that you all go for it. :slight_smile:


I thought you guys might be quite busy as Alpha 7 looks really good at the moment


Well, it would be fairly easy to change all the hairstyles to have little Santa hats. Not sure about anything else though.

The Santa would be a villager upgraded with a hat or something- his ‘job’ would be: give out rare stuff for… i dunno, the 12 days of xmas. Then on the last day (SH days btw) since you’d got him you got the motherload of items


Why not just have Santa come by and say " Hello settlers! I’m in need of great help with Christmas this year, it seems that the elves are lacking in their work, and need your help! Will you help save Christmas?" (Requires you to make 50 toys)

After Accepting*

“Ho-ho-ho thank you Settlers! i’ll be back within 12 days to collect the toys!”

After you achieve the goal your Settlers will be rewarded with Santa hats. =D