Cave City Valona (WIP)

Hi there,
after a little twitch session where I was asked if you can build a house in a cave, which I proved to be buildable, I couldn’t get the thought of a cave city out of my head.

Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, I started a little project:

I am currently on day 31 I think and the city is starting to look like a city :smiley:

Here is Valona

You can not see the city?

Shame on you, I said it is a CAVE City :wink:

There are not that many buildings so far … digging out the cave takes a lot of time.

Here is the entrance

And here is The Eye of Rayya (not Osiris, since that would be Egyptian and not Rayyas Children)

As you can see there are not a lot of buildings … wait did I not write that already?
Here are my two crafter shops, blacksmith and potter

And here is my storehouse

And my first four “peasant” houses

More to come, which will take some time, since I am playing a lot The Division right now :smiley: … but more WILL come.

And if you want to see the whole thing, visit my youtube channel or click right on the link to get directly to the playlist starting entry of Valona:

Bye and being in a cave is alllllllways better than not being in a cave :smiley:


So cool!! :smiley:


We’re beginning to see more and more amazing builds as time progresses… This being one of them. Good job!


I found some time to let my city grow:

I added a little lake.
It has a wall around it which acts like a dam with a gate to make sure not too much water gets to the fields

With some drainage at the other side side, to prevent overflooding

And I added a plant area which hase some water canals, since it is a desert and a desert is dry, you know uhm
plants need water bla bla bla and so on :smiley:

At the end there is a little drainage lake with a flooding protection too

I also added a tea house with a canopy

And a small market area, with 4 trader stalls for merchants and addidionally custom trader stalls

I did not uploade my latest stream but you will find all of my Cave City Valona videos here:


This is really neat! One thing I would consider is placing towers on each side of the cave entrance in order to make it give it contrast against the stone cliffs.


This is a really neat project – I hadn’t seen it before starting my own cave-city build.

I really like your use of the game’s lighting options for aesthetic effect. That cave entrance has a great glow to it. I also like how your crafter’s shops are in buildings made to look like trader’s stalls, so it feels like the city has a market area.

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I thought about building a statue on each side … but I am really bad at art and designe :smiley:

Thank you :slight_smile:
I wanted my market area to be more like those you may have seen in movies BUT the devs released their merchant market stall first, sooo I designed my stalls like theirs.

Oh you have got a thread of your city, nice.