Carve a hole into a floor

how would i carve a hole in a floor of a building without losing the whole floor for adding stairs

When you are adding floors, there are three options for material. There is wood, stone and eraser. Wood and stone also have a variety of patterns/colors. The eraser is used to remove sections in the same way as the other two are used to add sections.

You can only do this in the blueprint stage currently. If you’ve already built the floor, it’s too late unfortunately.

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can you ss and circle the eraser please im building a really complex structure i know about the multiple patterns but want to add stair cases to this build its gonna be a 15 bedroom mansion with all storage on the second floor and one entrance ( footmen stand here at all times )


Also, you should erase your stairwell holes after you erect the walls for that floor, otherwise you will get walls around the hole.