Carpenter building a house

Carpenter instead of creating tools etc he is building a house.


and you’re sure he has an accessible workshop and all the necessary materials for whatever you’re trying to craft?

save/reload doesn’t kick him into gear?


Im full of wood so he should be working :slight_smile:

the same i have thinked ^^ @DustEater and you dont try to make the tool for the weaver and miss the ressi? this happens very often - so he stucks until you delete this entry in the list (moving doenst help)

good point… as it stands now, the crafters will ignore other items in the queue if they are unable to craft the top most item …

What I don’t understand is the carpenter’s saw on top of the roof. Couldn’t this be a demotion bug that doesn’t change the icon/job name in the citizen’s roster?


thats what i was thinking when i looked at the pic.