Cant update the game

Love the game, havent been able to update it in steam for several months. it completes the download and then says update cancelled everytime. I have tried deleting the game and reinstalling a few times. Its the only game with any issues in steam.

I have tried the steam forum for help , but was told this is a steam issue. Steam considers this a game issue and not their problem. So I have been getting the run around for a while now.

Please help me fix this

hey there @twisteddman, welcome to the discourse :smile:

you said you uninstalled and re-installed the game before, when you did that did you do a clean install or just uninstall through steam?

I deleted with steam

alright, i recommend doing a clean install, because Steam doesnt always delete all the files, which can cause crashes and mess up the games download.

a clean install just means manually deleting the entire stonehearth folder, which should be found under this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth

once deleted just open up steam and re-install.

I truned off steam , deleted the folder, turned steam back on deleted with steam to restart installation. the game redownloaded , reinstalled and started update same , update cancelled.

that’s really odd, i guess i’ll page @sdee @brad (some of the devs) to see if they can help.

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any update on this issue?

So u tried deleting in steam, then reinstalling, then tried doing a complete delete through unstalling program through windows, then finding all folders, including all saves screenshots ect and deleting those. If none of those worked, i would suggest deleting game on steams, then find everything in window delete all those, then delete steam and reinstall steam, then reinstall the game, make sure u right click the game too and click properties, then beta tab and set to latest, (by the way check that first)

Hey @twisteddman, let me see if I can be of any help here…

I trying to understand exactly where Steam stops installing the game.

If I am following correctly, you did the following:

  1. Exited Steam completely.
  2. Opened the Stonehearth folder at the location @8BitCrab shared.
  3. Deleted the entire Stonehearth folder
  4. Relaunched Steam
  5. Deleted Game from Steam interface
  6. Clicked INSTALL
  7. The Install - Stonehearth window appeared
  8. Clicked Next >

and this is where I am lost. Does the progress bar Preparing Stonehearth files for Install fill completely, and you see the Steam is Downloading Stoneheath window? If so, can you watch it download in the Downloads view? Can you take a screenshot of the “update canceled” message, and clarify exactly when you see it appear?


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After that the game downloads again successfully and starts install, installs successfully and then immediately goes back in to the queue to download and install the latest update. Update downloads completely I can see it downloading ,I have watched it till the very last second, when it reaches complete download it immediately moves back in to the queue and says update cancelled. I can then hit the move up in the queue arrow and restart the update download, wait again , same thing happens over and over.

@twisteddman, I really hate to say this…but that really seems to be a Steam related issue, as far as I can tell. Before you circle back to Steam and try and convince them to help you, let’s see if any of the devs have any ideas what might be going on here, or can help get you in touch with Steam if it is in fact an issue on their end.

Paging @brad, @albert, @sdee! Need some help please…

P.S. It is Saturday, so we might not here anything until they get back to work on Monday…but they have been known to lurk on the forums over the weekend :wink:.

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I’ve never seen this behavior before and I can’t think of anything about the Stonehearth installation that would cause it. If you can’t get it to update, maybe we can get you the installer from Humble Bundle so you can still play the latest stable version.

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That would be great. whatever works. as I am having no issues with any other games on steam.

Thinking out loud here @Albert …any chance we could “trick” Steam into working by manually copying the Stonehearth folder from another computer into the Steam directory?

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That seems like a reasonable thing to try, although I have no idea if that will work.

@twisteddman, going to take this into PM so I can share a link to the folder needed.

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@jomaxro - Thanks for helping out!