Steam won't open StoneHearth

Okay, my Issue is that I’ve just brought StoneHearth on steam, I opened it up and nothing.
I did loads of research and I got nothing, I did everything from changing the resolution from the files too updating my windows, I could really use some help because I was really excited to play.

Thank you.

Welcome to the forum, @Brandon. Could you post your system specs, please?

Also, which of these things have you already tried?:

  • Uninstalling the game completely (deleting the folder manually from the SteamApps\common folder) and reinstalling the game.
  • Verifying the integrity of the game cache from Steam.
  • Updating your graphics drivers from your manufacturer’s website
  • Disabling graphic boosters if you have.
  • Enabling the game through your antivirus/firewall

Which settings did you use/change in your user_settings.json file?
Do you get to the main menu or the game crashes before that?