Can't rename/focus combat parties

Can’t find the option to give names to combat groups. I’m sure it was there… for some time.
Also, focusing camera on parties don’t work (Select a party via hotkey then click on its name as the tooltip suggests).

Version Number and Mods in use:
A20r693, LOMH, LOMC, HOMF, Doorway mod

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huh, well i can certainly confirm both of these, though i could have sworn renaming groups was possible… paging, err… @sdee?

renaming groups was removed when yang was going though the optimisation stuff in Alpha 18? I think. Can’t remember, but you haven’t been able to do this for quite a while now :confused:
Not sure if it was intentional

I haven’t been able to make “The Moonlit Black Cats” in ages :frowning:

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ah, probably intentional then, as militia were removed for causing some annoying bugs, and renaming may have also been linked to that.

but still, the camera focus should work… or at least have the text saying that removed

I’ve usually had my Ascendants named after trees :slight_smile:
Fast-response strike team was usually “Timber wolves”, the patrols being “Oak squad”, “Pine squad” etc.

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