Can't remove slabs under water level

Can’t remove slabs when designing in the water
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Start adding slabs under water
  2. try remove with the delete / rubber tool
  3. just get an X that you cant remove

Expected Results:
able to remove it like everywhere else
Actual Results:
not possible to remove with the remove tool


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19 Latest Develop 3169
Canyone Biome
Terrain Colors
Unitframe activity mod

System Information:
Win 10 x64
AMD 7950
i7 920
Samsung 830, 840, WD 1TBx2, 4TB


Not only slabs, also normal floors. I think the eraser tool can’t reach underwater, it probably collides with the water surface and doesn’t detect what’s underwater.


I guess that could be it but i’m pretty sure i was able to do this in the past because i used to make boats on slabs to place em in the water at correct height and then remove em ^^

You’re right. I checked with A18 and in that version it is possible to use the eraser underwater.

Good catch! :smiley:


Kinda seems also that game hates “ib” in console under water takes forever for super simple blocks :confused: have to put to place my boat on it

Any work being done on this to fix anytime soon :slight_smile: ?
It’s even hard to make bridges if you want to make them with a lot of details and can’t remove things under the surface and when the revert tool bugs out and stops working like it do very often you have to redo everything.

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Noticed more problems not with the water but i feel that this issue might still be related because it’s pretty much the samething but when putting floor or roads on the dirt parts that normaly are on island you can’t remove that either.

It seems as if anything that is anywhere below where the water surface starts you can’t remove them


Possible on the grass with road on it

Not possible in the dirt area below

Here it’s possible.

@banto Thanks for the bug report! This has been fixed for the next build.


Awesome :smiley: looking forward to see it working again


I think the slow ib under water is when water has to recalculate the 1 slab of water to the rest of the water mass…its at least not something new for this build :slight_smile: