Can't 'Remove' Path?

Hi again!

It’s not so much a bug, I assume it’s meant to work like this and I just want to know how to go about fixing this mistake:

I made a set of roads in my village, as usual, however I wasn’t paying too much attention to the build window as to what option was highlighted. I’d for sure been building with the actual path tool (picture below shows the path going to the right that is attached is in the ground) but must have clicked off and it defaulted to the block tool for the second section of path. As I was working mostly top-down, I didn’t notice the difference. They finished building and… well I finally saw the mistake.

When I click on the path, ‘edit’ and ‘remove’ are both grayed out. Only ‘save’ shows as clickable. As I said, I figure that’s not a glitch… what I want to know is if there’s a way to remove it, either via console or something else? Can’t remember how the console works so I may have to be explained how to bring it up n’ stuff.

I’m using Alpha 17 (593, x64)

you can open the console with ctrl + c. you can delete the mistake by selecting it and typing “destroy” in the console. this might leave a hole (probably not for your slab)

you were previously able to use the “remove” button in the building editor, but they have disabled that while they work on some bugs.

hope that helps

Oh! That makes sense. I thought it was graying out ‘remove’ for the block function only or something, but playing more I did notice all of the building’s ‘remove’ have been grayed.

Thank you very much!