Can't finish goblin quest

I fit the requirements the Goblinchef force me to give him after the window opens and it will not count as a positive result.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. The goblinchief force me to give 27 pine wood, 3 wood dresser, 1 writing desk and 7 oak logs (screenshot one
  2. i was really sure to fit the requirements, but wasn’t able to see the number of writing desk and wood dresser because the ui here has no counter (and i think i has way more then 7 oak logs, can’t prove it)
  3. I havn’t fit the number of wood dresser and/or writing desk, so i collect my already placed furniture. But the quest UI wasn’t updated. the “here you go!” button in the ui wasn’t updated.

Expected Results:
correct visibility of the requirements.

Actual Results:
see above

I hate the “inventory ui-screen” it makes no differents between placed items and items in storage. For quests like this (or “give me x beds”) its hard to know how many items you have to craft.


Version Number and Mods in use:
develop 2969, no mods in use

Yeah, for now the best way to tell is to go into the place menu (green arrow on chair in the building tab). There you can see the number of available placeable items.

if i’m not mistaken the quest only checks your inventory once, and i believe the time it checks is when “the goblin returns” notif pops up (not when you open the dialog and such)

anyways, at the very least, its odd that it doesn’t show the amount of furniture you have… paging @sdee

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