How do i fix this

Goblin says i only have one
place menu says i have 6
some ones lying or lua is broke


The real question is: What does he need them for? :smiley:

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that be true but still i am no where near ready for him to attack me so i must appease the goblins and also any idea whats going on here

they wont build the walls

I had this before, for herbalist labs he only counts the ones placed, not the ones in stock. For sure it should be a bug.

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so if i place them he will come take 6 of the placed ones?

Now it is too late, even if you make more (or in this case place it down) he already checked the quantity and the message will not change… :frowning:

Edit: I see this is he warning you that he will come back, then just place it down, you have time, I htought he was already back to get the items

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Might wanna put this in bug reports.