Can't complete Font of Fire (Missing Varanus Meat)

Hi, I’d like to ask how to get Varanus meat for Font of Fire. I had Varanus spawn like two in game months ago and since then I had two Zillas :t_rex: and then just Kobolds. I had Varanus meat in storage but that got, for some reason eaten by my hearthlings. So now I’m stuck with quest for Font of Fire and unable to complete it. Is there a chance how to get Varanus meat? Outside of that I think you should probably let Varanus spawn even in late-ish game. :thinking:

And maybe I caused this to myself by rushing like crazy in game. :smiley: I don’t know but this shouldn’t happen no matter the play speed. :confused:

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Make a lot of market stall and spawn a lot of merchants, there will be one selling meat, including varanus


@BrunoSupremo Thank you. :heart:
Still it would be nice to have Varanus spawning later in the game. :confused:

They do spawn later in little packs with one big red varanus and 3-4 smaller green ones.

Not sure what determines this but I see them spawn around the time I’m only getting kobold Invaders.

@Aviex Had that one spawn once… at the beggining of the Kobold Invasions. After that… nah… maybe it’s really caused by me rushing too much. :confused: