Tame Varanus and Other Animals

After seeing the Varanus nest, I had a thought about them. Farmers are able to get seeds via trade, that they normally wouldn’t have. What if we were able to get new farm animals too from nests like this.

Defeat the Varanus nest, and the main Varanus drops and “egg” which can be hatched / used to give your shepherd a new animal to farm.


Oooooooo I love it! This should totally be a thing. Maybe they could even make it so you can teach it to fight and possibly give it armor! Maybe a little ambitious, but sounds cool.

I think that it is already planned to make other wild animals tamed and be pets :confused:. Just browse the stonehearth.smod and you’ll see a lot of cool stuff like this :smiley::

Varanus’ Collar

There’s the planned animal trainer class, which was said to be released with the third faction, whenever that comes.

But this suggestion is for having new animals for your shepherd.


I was thinking that if they were able to be used with a shepherd, they could be farmed for their skin, as well as what other things from other animals.