Varanus no longer appears / Can't complete Valor Of Cid

Hi there,
0.17.0 (Dev 3002)

I think I shot through quite a few stages of enemies, because the Varanus no longer appears and besides Kobolds and Orcs I only get the occassional Crypt, Giant Zombies or Ogres now. This makes it impossible to complete the Valor Of Cid since I’ve only seen and killed the one.

It’s problematic when you need crafting components from enemies but can’t buy / aquire them anymore.

I think how this has happened is that I usually wall off my town and keep a couple of footmen on guard to nip any camps that appear. Then, when I’ve got some basic protection built and resources gathered, I start promoting all my crafters as well as Knights, Clerics and Archers. At that point enemy camps spawn almost every night as I start rapid-building and my town wealth dramatically increases.

Anyone else the same?

Got at least eight honour tokens though and dozens of kobold hats, so I have that going for me, which is nice.

I’ve also noticed enemies killed by other enemies don’t spawn loot… again, problematic, if a Varanus were to spawn and be killed by orcs.


I have this same problem too. I walled off my city because orcs and Mountain attacked and I was totally NOT ready for that (I didn’t even have carpenter, because I play with Rayya’s Children).
Built my town and promoted archer to kill off everything from safe heights, but no Varanus has been seen in like- forever.

I too need only one Varanus skin to complete The Valor of Cid. :anguished:

Did you look around?
Sometimes enemies seem to stay far away …

All that I’ve seen while exploring the land are Stone golems and some giant zombies. And orc archer camps.

Yea, I’ve explored pretty much explored the land but because I’m an island the enemies mostly (or have only) spawned to the left or right of the bridge. I’ve simply only seen the one Varanus - Unless a second one has been killed by other enemies and thus no loot was dropped because of it.

This could have happened
Try the “loot” order around the enemy camps

Got the same problem that at least after compleation of the goblin event no varanus appears. With the ascendancy it isn’t really a problem because a trader (i believe he/she is called “***'s farming supply”) appears sometimes and has always some skins to sell. I don’t know if Rayya’s children have also such a trader.

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At 20 hearthlings I use to get that varanus…not that I need it though. The skin trader sells them.

Now though I have not seen one like ever, then again I am playing RC so makes sense, and at least there is a shop that has it. So unlucky with getting the mob; then hope you get that specific shop. :slight_smile:

“Unless a second one has been killed by other enemies and thus no loot was dropped because of it.”

I have noticed enemies that die by other enemies don’t drop loot.
Just like how crypts destroyed by enemies don’t spawn chests.


I have not seen a trader which sells Varanus skins while playing as Ascendancy OR Rayya’s Children. I know they sell animal and wolf pelts though along with leather.

I’ll keep an eye out just in case they do.

I got a few varanus skins from destroying enemy camps. Sometimes the skins turn up in treasure chests.

You can always buy one from the apering shops i thought.

They are rather rare, but do still spawn

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I can confirm this too. Now that I’m up past 20 hearthlings and into Kobold territory, I never see Veranus anymore. Not even once. I rarely see anything other than orcs/ogres, goblins and kobolds, and when it is something else, it’s usually a large rock golem or a giant zombie.

Do any of the merchants sell the skins? I think I recall seeing them in shops before

Nope. I only get this unfortunately.
I have never seen Varanus skins on sale.

There is a second tier shop that sells them, but that’s all I’ve seen.

Which, ironically, she’s probably trying to use the monument to unlock

Ahh, that might explain it then. Thank you.
I’ll give a go at producing either the Shrine of Plenty or GuildMaster’s Skill, and see what shops I get. The way I play usually has me getting all the necessary crafters and pastures last, so those other two monuments tend to come after the Valor of Cid.

Edit: Yet to see Varanus skin still… =[

I’m playing RC and haven’t seen a Varanus in a long long time.

@linda / @yshan could this be a tuning problem or is it intended?