Can't Choose Kingdom

When i try to start a new game i get a choose kingdom button that you cant push and nothing else, so i can;t play a game.

Closing the game and trying again solves it?
I sometimes have some kind of bug where I click while the text is still rolling, making the kingdoms choice appear in a locked way, where clicks have no effect. So I restart the game.

Its the same every time, a choose kingdom button pops in with nothing else on the page, but its not a scripted button you can push, restarted about ten times, same result,

hey there @PoeticDreamerDesigns, could you double check that you don’t have any mods installed?

tried it without mods, in the end i redid the stonehearth.smod and it fixed it, so maybe was corrupt.

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glad to hear it’s fixed, i’ll move this to res, but if you run into this problem again don’t hesitate to say so! :slight_smile:

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