[A 24.11] Can't start new game

When starting New Singleplayer, after choosing a kingdom, the stanza describing them appears and then the game halts. The biome choice and text never appear. This happens with both the Ascendency and Rayya’s Children.

Can return to the main menu, but the same thing happens. No effect if I click-thru the text to speed it or let it complete naturally.

This is why I start a new clean game with every release :wink:

Do you receive any errors? Can you post your stonehearth.log? Are you using any mods?

No errors, no mods. In fact the “scratching” text sound keeps playing as if the text is appearing, but it doesn’t. One sec… getting log…

Ah, I can reproduce it. We’ll push a hotfix tomorrow, but for now it should work if you click through the initial text. Sorry about that!


Hmmm, i tried clicking through it - maybe not fast enough. One sec…stonehearth.log (28.0 KB)

Hahha, yeah, not fast enough. If I click like a madman the biome choice appears. Cheers!

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