Cannot make a crop helpme

I don’t know what I’m missing. I tried to make a simple tomato crop. I pretty much copied everything related to the carrot and replaced it with tomato. If it’s a mixintos thing I’m not sure what to put.
If anyone can look at the mod and see why it’s not loading I would really appreciate it. Thanks. (51.2 KB)

It will never show up in game as you have not included it in initial_crops.json


Thanks for the fast reply. I got it working. For the most part anyway. Since I used VoxelShop I’m having to re-export with the correct Bounding Box. I assume this is also the Matrix on Qubicle. Are there any rules or tips to use for how much the Matrix should extend or be flat around an object?

On Qubicle the bounding area just restricts how big an item you can have. In general, it needs to be big enough to make your item because you can’t add voxels outside the bounding box. Qubicle has an “Optimize size” option for when you are done editing so the bounding box shrinks to fit the object. It is pretty much there for tidiness sake though. The only thing that really matters is where the origin of the model is.