Canceling auto attacks for higher DPS

So heres something I found out a while ago and I don’t know if its common knowledge but its extremely helpful when trying to survive the early game especially on hard mode.
When your soldiers attack they have a cooldown before they can do another strike, however by ordering your soldier to attack the enemy right after he finished his attack he will strike again immediately.
This way you can do a lot more dps and will lose much less HP and can survive longer without a herbalist.
Not sure if this is intended or not, perhaps a Dev can give some insight on if this is a mechanic or not.

Here it is without the cancel:

And here with the canceling:


Thats more than double the normal amount of DPS! To think of all the times I could have won…
Was this intended or is this more of an exploit?

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Does this work with groups too?

And this should be a bug… I think

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It works with groups too, but not as well since they’re unlikely to sync their attacks in a way where you’re not just interrupting most of them (archers in particular) to speed up a few others.


To be honest I’ve never tried it with groups since by the time I have my small army there no longer is a need to do it with the clerics heal, I only ever used it at the beginning to survive without the herbalist longer.

I’ll try it out later.

Edit: Seems like Valar beat me to it

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I know that this is a pretty old thread but having watched the DT (which I’m incredibly excited about) and footman maybe becoming more relevant because of that, I’d really like a Dev response on if this is a intended mechanic or not

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