Can You Take Items In Caves?

I’m having a problem that none of my items can be taking into cave,s I’ve put stockpiles in there but they just leave them out side the cave. Any help?

From what I’ve seen so far, caves are generally nyi. Nothing really works in them, but undead can spawn there. You can’t place lights there, and you can’t build inside them, so I think it’s because hearthlings still think that it’s a wall, not a hole. It will probably be fixed soon.

Edit: It works now, for some reason

Is that a new bug? The only reason I abandoned my dwarf fortress is because the undead would always spawn between my miners and my everything else.

Did not even know caves are in game lol.

As far as I know, caves are not naturally generated. Rather, you can mine out caves yourself with the mining tool.

I have a current game on the stable Steam version and I have 2 stockpiles inside a cave that are working fine, so I can confirm that it should work.


ok thanks ill try again

In the stable version I had no problems with it. But in the unstable version I’ve encounter plenty of issues with stockpiles in mined out area where sometimes they’ll work and sometimes they won’t.