Can we Marry Hearthlings together Yet?

Pretty self explanatory. Are we almost able to have some sort of relationship mod. Like people in a relationship have higher spirit or different stats. I’ve been away from this game for a solid year or two. My old rig couldn’t run it. But I just built a new rig and it runs beautifully. Is that a road map for the ACE mod yet?

as far as i know its not planned for ACE. but there is nothing stopping you modding it in.
best way i could think of is a “quest” you can send two hearthlings on and it gives them a married trait or something. (think like you send hearthlings out to become geomancers)

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oh yeah, ive been away for such a long time, i forgot how you do geomancers. Looks like I have to play more now, thanks for the info!

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you are welcome!
if you want to try out modding join the rest of us on the stonehearth ACE discord :smiley:
(its where most of the modders hang out nowadays, but also just people looking for people to play multiplayer with for instance)