Double beds and couples

I think it would be cool to have married or coupled hearthlings, for example I might have 2 of my farmers, they can share a house and be their own little family.

We could have a double bed and assign it to 2 hearthlings. With maybe a bonus to happiness when talking to each other and maybe they gravitate slightly more towards each other than the other hearthlings.

Maybe this is too much, but maybe the cleric could even perform a wedding ceremony for them.


I have heard of people wanting to make a wedding posible. Myself as slightly amateur modder can make an dubble bed but it would consist of 2 seperate items (right side and left side). Have actually already been moddeling a bit for that.


This was still with the old bed model but it would be an item that would be made out of a left and right side and i still planning on implanting it. I just fnished my bunkbeds and they are working the same way.

Until i found a way to get 2 heartlings on one "mount"so to speak i keep it on the 2 items way.

And i really like the idea and i am sure a wedding mod is gonna get here sooner or later. ^^