Burning the world

This hasn’t really been discussed much but… how will fire work? Fire is a big part of games for me because, like water, I find it to be very important. And before you ask, yes, I am a bit of a pyro.

Will fire be a set able thing? As in can you light it yourself, or will it just be a “caused by enemy” thing? Also will fire spread like in Minecraft (just wood), or more Timber and Stone (living things) like?

I myself prefer T&S style because it has many more possibilities. But I could see it working like crafting/modding in where-

material wood = flammable 10
material stone = flammable 0
Wood and Stone table = flammable 5
(Flammable is burn speed or something)


if you consider torches in this category, then yes… we’ll at least have that… I would think… :blush:

and I personally do not want the approach implemented in T&S, as that fire is just brutal, unforgiving and entirely too random… my poor settlers never knew what hit them! :smile:


But really, fire is brutal, and I like it brutal, just not when the enemies have it. Because we all know…


Its not just men, Some Dogs just want to see the world burn as well…


UK’s Mad King cough cough

The Past Is The Past…Also what happened to the Map Game?

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Don’t even start on that, I was thinking of making a thread: “R.I.P Map games”, everyone who’s been involved in a map game says how much it ruined their lives…


Really? I liked being Iceland, beautiful country by the way.

I liked playing too…

I know, it was fun, but I usually only got 6 hours sleep every night…

A combination of wild arguments, vaurature? retiring and manofret absorbing them without difficulty to modly powers. That meant that when phoriist came along he managed to win a vote and get it closed for a more rigid one which in the name of decreasing arguments made it more rigid and removed the more fun parts slowly killing it as I predicted. For reference, it lasted about twice as long (no premature death though) but had something like less than half the activity. I had the plans on how to do it better (like you need a person not playing to run it) and to actually get some ideas instead of rushing into things foolishly. I could revive it properly if people wanted, go back to the much more freeform style and just track stuff myself, I could even combine it with a mod planning system so it produces awesomeness all around, the first one was still increasing in activity when it got killed though (the second one was a lot less boisterous, one of the things that doomed it) so it could be big. I’d just privately track things better, rigidity came at a cost after all so I’d scrap it for the primary rule. Is it feasible? If so, go nuts, otherwise try again. Things like moderating history slowed down the crazy after all and the crazy was most of the fun.

Would you like that? I could go ahead and do it if people wanted.

Now to un-derail the thread. FIRE!!
Problems of dealing with fire, how to track damage and results. You’d need to track three main things as I see it.

  • Flammability: related to actually being on fire and the chances of catching fire
  • Durability: How long it can last before burning
  • Result: what it leaves after being burnt, e.g. wood leaves ash/nothing, stone+wood table leaves ash and/or stone table top, akrobi webbing leaves weird gloop

The main problem will be composite products (can be handwaved away mostly) and what happens when something stop burning part way through. Does it remain damaged? can it be repaired? what if it was enough it should have burned away some of it but not all? or different outputs (charred wood vs ash)? Interesting stuff all round, be a worse medieval fantasy sim without fire though. Until someone added it anyway.


please revive the Map Game

( I have nothing to keep my up at night anymore)


Map Game was originally going to be a game where I trapped all the Stonehearth Discourse users into my game of fun and take over in a coup as head moderator, but then I started playing FarmVille.


For shame, You have been on the internet long enough to know better than that!!!