Buildings with Single-voxel corners

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To my knowledge, although I’ve heard about it in the past, it appears that this subject is not the forums. If I’m incorrect, please, of course, feel free to correct me and or delete this post, or what have you.

With that, I’ve noticed for a while now that custom-made buildings that feature one-voxel corners, wall-additions, etc. can easily cause a slew of errors and even prevent Hearthlings from building. Again, if it’s been addressed, let me know.

Now as to what I’m referring to, please take a look at these screenshots below:

Patterns in this nature will allow for errors -

  • And naturally, you can modify these floor plans any odd way; as long as you follow the “one-voxel corner” rule, the error will persist.

However, I would like to note that if you’re looking to still build with somewhat fancy corners like this, you can avoid this problem by following such floor patterns like this -

Additionally, it appears this error/bug/glitch, what have you, is somewhat intermittent. If need be, I could send out my save file; just let me know.

Now there is one more thing…

While I was quickly taking these pictures, I noticed another little ‘meh’ glitch.

That being, if you enter the building editor, lay down a floor and then hit on the eraser tool, it will switch to the ‘voxel-editor.’

Anyway, that should do it!



hey there @DontCallMeSurly,

i just embedded the pics for you, but i’m about to head out so i cant actually search for a related thread to merge with at the moment… sorry bout that.



Roger that! Thanks for the help!

This is what I was looking to do. It’s far easier to read this this way.

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Hey there @DontCallMeSurly,
I am not having any issues with this on the latest release 472 build. Going to mark as resolved. Please post back in this thread if you have further issues with building corners.