What to do about floating structures: a solution (warnings and showing) DT, the flying floor of building

I noticed that on the last stream, there was a comment about not knowing what to do in the case where artist ally made a floating building.

I think, if I may recommend, a solution would be this:

If the building has “floating voxels” allow the template to be saved, but show a warning “it seems this structure has floating voxels your hearthlings can’t reach” and 2 options: save, “highlight and center the camera on the closest floating voxels,” and cancel.

An essential controll will be a “move UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT a voxel” for example, the flying dish that was made on the stream, would be allowed to exist, and even be saved on its current position. Problem would be, a warning would pop up explaining the problem, and it would allow for the focus of the voxels the game knows are not “immediately” connected.

Thank you for reading!