Building won't fully build / mobs spawning in housing

Tried to build an epic castle to find out i couldn’t. Also keep getting mobs spawning inside buildings/ on top of foundations. (not sure if it is a bug, but if its not maybe it needs to be changed?)
Steps to reproduce:

  1. click the unmade parts
  2. do the build command (poof 2 errors)
  3. wait for a mob to spawn
  4. usually spawns in building or on objects put down

Expected Results:
building to be built
no mobs indoors
Actual Results:
building missing parts
mobs spawning in my safeish zones
building might have been too epic
wont let me upload my save since im a new user
Building was around 1,600 rock resources big. I also had a wall 500+ rock resource big not sure if that helps since i cant upload my save
wont let me upload my save since im a new user
Version Number and Mods in use:
System Information:

Hey there @cguiher, welcome to the Discourse!

Fixed that for you! Upped your TL to 1. Try uploading again.

My file looks to be too big to upload so i have put it in my drive - Google Drive

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No worries. The Discourse software will not allow uploads over 10 MB, and we can’t change that. Uploading to an external site the Google Drive is our usual recommendation.