Building walls in sections

After unsuccesfully trying a few times building a wall surrounding my settlement, I am trying to build the wall by sections like sides of a rectangle. I am currently trying to build a connecting section as you can see in the picture. The wall section on the right is completed, named Right Wall. What confuses me is everytime I try to start building that wall on the left, the game automatically thinks it’s part of the right wall. Since that section is already completed, my worker ignores this seemingly new unbuild part of the building and now I have no way of continuing to build. Any ideas ?

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Hrm. Do you have a save before building the prior wall section?

How big is your settlement? You can build a fairly large single “building” with an open center if you lay the foundation in a ring / hollow square, but after a certain point you start to make the engine freak out.

For a more immediate solution try separating the sections with an independently built slab column maybe?

Can’t you draft a section of the wall like a template and then just clone it and build these segments one by one? That’s how I did it.

I’ve actually never built a wall around the whole settlement, but this one was easy enough. The hardest part was to build custom foundations as I’ve purposedly built on an uneven ground. In your case it won’t be a problem.
If you want to add doors you can do it after placing a template - you can always edit a building before you start building it.


I tried putting a 1 voxel gap between the built section and the planned one, but due to this error the slab would also be considered part of the built section.

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I thought using the free standing wall option will save time but after like 5+ trying there’s still no wall around haha. I might try your suggestion of making a template of typical wall sections.

By the way, using this method, how do you make the wall columns continuous? I just don’t like seeing 2 columns between each section.

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You can see in the screen I have two “straight” versions - one is 10 blocks long, the other is 8 blocks. I’m holding a long version with columns (transparent). The short version has its columns painted in another color (you can see it - it’s the second segment from the left). I was actually not very accurate with the color since the columns on the short segment still can be seen (it’s my first town so I was trying different things not paying much attention to visuals). But you can color-pick the column on the short segment to match the color of the wall so it won’t stand apart. You can actually build the whole wall without any columns seen if you pick the right color combination.

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will try this. thank you !

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