[Building] The Parthenon

Hello. I got this game a week ago and this is my first major building. I just instant built it because I don’t have time to mine and place 5793 bricks, 197 stone, and 16 logs. Okay I can do the last two but the first one is a little much. Its built with the correct proportions and has the same number of columns.

I decided to dedicate it to the bunny god and based the statue off the bunny statues that can be found lying around.

What do you guys think? I know it can use some more detail with the pediment and metopes, but I built it in a day.


Nice, what else do you have planned for this area?

@Unatan2 I’ve though about moving it to the top of a mountain and starting an acropolis. I’ve still got to design other buildings for that to happen. Currently I’m working on some other things but I’ll probably get around to fleshing this out more in the future.