Building Template Mode?

Didn’t see any other discussion concerning this but it would be kind of cool to simply have a mode (thinking small test world) where we can build structures with infinite resources, ensure the structure can be built by the hearthlings, save/load/modify the template and then get the picture image from within the game like a snapshot. Not sure how difficult or easy this would be. Thoughts?


There is already a microworld mod - maybe someone could add in some stockpiles that can’t get empty. That would be a really cool idea, to see if buildings are actually buildable, since we sometimes have that issue.

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Yeah just frustrating when you build a cool design and save it and plop it out and they don’t build. And that is why I was thinking it “should” be fairly easy.

so from what i understand, your thread is the same idea as this thread, correct?

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Not really…just looking for a small flat sandbox to make buildings. Think kind of like spore where you just go off and create things. Of course it “could be” if you could select flat world.