[Building] Show when Building cannot be completed

Recently I wanted to design and build up an own designed house, but after a while my hearthlings just stopped working on it. I thought it would be something like a bug, I designed somethind wrong or any other error would stop them from building.
But in the end I found out it was way simpler:
A placed storage box stood next to the outer wall, and thatswhy my hearthlings couldnt build up a ladder which they needed right there. So they just did nothing (even tho they could have worked on another part of the house right then).

I think it would be great to mark objects which are blocking the house building progress (or anything similiar), so the player can see and interact immediately.

It is a simple feature but could prevent some frustration


Hey there @BOTHLine, welcome to the Discourse! This idea (and similar ones) have been brought up before, and I do believe commented on by the devs, but I cannot find that one at the moment. I believe there are plans to add some type of indication like you request, however ideally the AI can learn/adjust and the only thing that would prevent construction would be lack of materials.

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Hey @jomaxro, thank your for the really fast reply:)
I’m sorry for giving the same suggestion like many others, but I just didnt have the time to look through the entire suggestion-section to check before writing.
Do you think I should close this topic, find another one of the same kind and like it instead of leaving this one here open?

No need to apologize, and no need to worry about closing the thread :smile:. I was simply letting you know that your idea is a common one and the devs would like to do something with it in the future! Right now the suggestions category is a bit overwhelming (over 1000 topics), and we are gearing up to do some mass organization, but it has not happened yet.

Ahh okay, I’m glad to hear :smile:
Thanks for you replies and help, I am really looking forward on to how this game is going to evolve :slight_smile: