Building Issues

So I have found some issues with current building structure of the people. When building my bunny statue. The workers were not taking away ladders, instead they left the ladders ‘inside’ the statue.

There is a ladder inside the ear, that I have to manually go about and use the destroy command ( and honestly I think they only way to get around this is by using the ib command,

Is this due to the odd shapes?

even scaffolding is being left inside so the workers can not get rid of it

Well, there’s all sorts of trouble with scaffolding and ladders, especially when a build moves inward from a wider base. Plus, the workers need an adjacent voxel to be in to remove ladders/scaffolding, which may explain at least some of the pieces you’re seeing left behind. I had to use the destroy command quite a bit myself during more recent projects.

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yes exactly this is why I also proposed\

for more complex building

@Simica_Na, is this still an issue for you on release 472?