Building description bug

I’m playing the release of Alpha 15 (64bit) since today, and i found a bug in the description of the buildings.
After I made a building (nothing special to it) every other building I want to make (non-templates) say they need the same resources as that single building I made.

I found the bug whilst making a bigger Bunny shrine.
Now I can not see what the requirements are for building this big shrine (i’ll get it eventually that’s not the problem but i can’t see what i need!)

Here is the picture of it and the template for the mega bunny (unfortunately i’m not blessed with the gift of creativity so it’s not that nice but it looks like the regular one :3 ) and the building that (i think) caused the bug are below.

Update: they build the bunny as it should be, so it’s just the requirements thats off

Mega bunny (11.4 KB)
Small farm (22.6 KB)

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I’ve gotten that same bug a few times. Here’s a picture of what I’m talking about.

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I’ve noticed this as well.
To me it seems that the resources needed to build the first building you place during a session (if you quit and reopen the same game, you have a different session) stick on the resources required screen for every consecutive building.

I can also confirm this issue. I believe its either -

or possibly -

Repro Steps -

  1. I’ll get back to you, there are still too many variables but I’ll try to lock this one down

@sdee, it seems there might be some issues with the new resourses required UI…

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Thanks guys! This is fixed on my machine (thanks to @yang for debugging it with me). If you hover over a template that requires no items (only resources like wood) your resources UI will stop updating. Current workaround: avoid hovering over resource-only templates unless you need them, and then hit f5 to reload the UI.