Building Demolition Possible!

Hello everyone,

I found out how to demolish buildings that have already been built.

Step #1
Go to the building you are trying to demolish. If it is a multi-story building start at the highest floor and select an area of floor and use the design tool to remove some of the flooring and wait for the flooring to be removed.

Step #2
Pause the game.

Step #3
In the same spot you removed the floor add flooring of the same color back into the same spot. Once you have done this you should notice it will have the original project (building) number for that section you are working on.

Step #4
While the game is paused and the floor is not finished being rebuilt select the remove button. Your workers should start to do a full dismantle.

I just tried this on three different saves and on a multi-story building with a roof and all and it worked every time.

Hope this helps.


Awesome will check if it works for me too :slight_smile:

This is clever! It seems to be working for me. :slight_smile:

I think the important thing is that you be able to connect a new floor piece to an existing floor as that seems to be what connects everything.

hey there @TimStaton, welcome aboard! :smile:

nice find! I’ll have to check this out as well… :+1:

Haha, they’re not very effective at dismantling. She’s going to get pretty hungry up there.


Yeah I ran into this problem but it is easily solved by temporarily building a ladder to the stuck worker.


HI… I am sorry that I am writing on an 2 year old thread…
Just felt that I had to say sorry because people use to nag about it on other forums…

About demolish the way you did it, does that work now 2016?
Does it work on roofs and walls as well or only the floors?
Because when I try to do it it doesnt seem to work or I am doing something wrong…

I am writing here because this is the only thread that I found about a problem that I have been looking for a long time
It would have been better if the player didnt had to create templates that are impossible to delete after the houses are built

If this still work could someone make a video how to do it and put it on youtube ?because I dont get it… Must be my age…:smiley:

I know it is possible to delete houses with console but then the resources will disappear