Bug with the building interior view


As you can see, the building interior view is enabled but for some reason I can’t see the interior of this one part of my castle wall :disappointed:

It might be to do with the fact it is joined to another building only via the floor above.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a building that is connected to another building via only the floor above

Expected Results:
See the interior of the building

Actual Results:
don’t see the interior of the building.


Version Number and Mods in use:
2955 no mods

System Information:

I have ran across this once before. When I built one building and then added on to it. The wall to the left is solid and the right one is transparent. When I rotated the camera to the other side of the building I received the opposite result. Since I have only had this happen once in over 500 hours of gameplay I have not experimented with it to recreate.

I have seen this, and I think I know why.
When you create the wall, it treats one side and the “outside” and one side as the “inside” of the wall. The building interior view allows you to see through the “outside” of the wall. The sides are determined by the way you place the wall. When you create the wall and place the left pillar first as you look at it, you can see the outside face. If you place the right side pillar first you will be looking at the inside face of the wall.

That is the impression I got when it happened to me, not something I have tried to recreate though. Could also possibly be to do with which side you are on when you create it. This is pretty much just speculation on my end.

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