[Bug Report] Place an item doesn't show all the items

Bug : The Place an Item bar (blue one) doesn’t show all the items

I made a few chairs and placed the beds already, but the bar showed the beds only and not the chairs!

Steps to reproduce:
Haven’t been able to reproduce it yet. It just happens at random.

Expected Results:
I expected the blue bar to show the stuff that could be placed.

Actual Results:
It didn’t.


Just happened again (writing this while playing) I made three tables and they didn’t show up! (The beds disappeared though)

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth Version 34 No mods

System Information:
Windows 7 32 bit on 64 bit machine (stupid I know)



Woah, you can give a topic dual categories?

Anyway, nice bug report and make sure you put it on Stonehearth Guru too! :wink:

Not really, but the “Bug Reports” is a sub-category under “Support” :wink:.

Regarding the bug… in my game all the crafted items are showing up in the “blue bar”.

Ah…well I guess that clears that up then! :wink: